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Countdown To natural provincials 2015!

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my new web-page and blog!  As I continue to get my site fully up and running I will be writing short blog posts to give you an inside scoop on my life, cool fitness stuff, and everything in between.

Those of you that know me personally are well aware that in 2 days (Saturday August 8th) I will be competing in the OPA Provincial Natural Bodybuilding Show.  I've been working really hard leading into this show and im confident this will be the best physique I've ever brought to a stage.  

Things are crazy right now so this post will be brief.  I will touch base in a few days post show to let you all know how I did and what its like to be a competitive bodybuilder!  Until then let me leave you with this progress pic just so you all know that I mean business! ;)