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"I get compliments on how I look from friends and family" - Mark D.

"he helped me unlock a level of strength, health, and fitness I never even dreamed of!" - sophie m.​

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Eddie's childhood was consumed with rigorous training for a variety of sports including football, martial arts, and soccer. His passion for athletics and the human body led him to York University where he obtained a Specialized Honours degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences. Upon graduating he immediately began applying his knowledge in order to help others and with over 15 years of strength training experience he has a wealth of knowledge to share. 

For 2 years he was the Exercise Therapist and Kinesiologist at a physiotherapy clinic. It was there Eddie gained a strong foundation for developing rehabilitative programs for a variety of injuries and ailments.  Soon after Eddie joined a personal training studio. For over 5 years Eddie worked with a wide range of clients including hypertrophy clients, fat loss, athletics,  diabetics, and pre/post natal.

Eddie demonstrates that personal training and lifestyle coaching is a life long commitment and career. He is a bio-signature practitioner and level 2 strength coach with Poliquin Group. He is also certified with Precision Nutrition and Functional Movement Systems. This blend of expertise from nutrition, training, and supplementation enables Eddie to get his clients results as he has a proven track record for success.

Proving that Eddie practices what he preaches he has successfully competed in drug-free bodybuilding and fitness modelling since 2010. Competing in over 15 shows during this time Eddie knows what it takes to reach their goals as he is a nationally ranked drug-free bodybuilder.

Recently he has begun to expand his services to online training and nutritional support in order to positively reach more people. Contact Eddie and let him guide you towards your fitness goals today.

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"Training with Eddie I gained over 10 pounds of solid muscle!" - Aaron M.

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"my overall fitness improved and I noticed other areas of my life did as well!" - Lucius D.

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